Review Standards

Thank you for turning to my site for an expert (ok, self-professed “expert”) opinion on your future YA lit needs (or current obsessions). I read so much and have such high opinions about everything I read, the only natural step to take next would be to share my reviews with you! I love books and especially talking about books.

This site was launched on January 6, 2012 and already has accumulated over 1,000 followers across multiple social media sites. Blog hits are tracked in the right navigational side bar.


I am always accepting new or upcoming books to review, though I will only accept YA fiction  for review on this site. I read all genres. I promise that my reviews will be fair and concise and based on consistent standards. If you have a already released book or ARC you would like to see reviewed on this site, please email me at I will accept e-books for Kindle or HARD COPY (preferred) books.

Reviews are also posted on my Goodreads account, as well as shared on Twitter and Facebook. I also try to post my reviews on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble as frequently as possible. They are usually posted anywhere from 1-5 days upon completion of the book, perhaps longer in the case of a book with a release date that is still some months off.


As of May 14, 2012, Making the Grade averages 8,000 unique visitors a month, with 400+ page views a day. The site has maintained a large following across social networks like Twitter (1,945+), Facebook (1,460+) and 250+ email subscribers.


I would love to do author interviews and promote your book(s). I am also open for guest posts. Feel free to contact me anytime.


I am always open for hosting giveaways! Just send me an email with complete details.


I will be very thorough with every book I review. Books will be graded on five categories: Plot, Characters, Setting, Pacing and Style. I believe that each of these categories combined make up a good book. Each category will be rated on a scale from one to ten, based on my opinion. I will use a grading scale based on the school system’s grading scale. (Hence the name of this blog, get the pun?) Each book begins with a grade of 50% (Yay! 50 points just for being a book and read by me!), then the totals in each category will ad up to provide the additional needed 50% in order to reach the ever-sought-after “perfect grade” or 100% (possible, but not likely).  Here is an example below:

Say I decided to review Book A. This book will be rated in five categories, as explained below.

Book A review:

Cover Image
Publish Date
Format of book (hardcover/paperback/ARC/ebook/audiobook/etc.)
Source of book (library rental/self-purchased/ARC review/etc.)
Amazon/Barnes & Noble purchase link(s)

Summary of book/blurb.

Plot: 10
Was the story interesting? Unique? Did certain elements stand out? Etc.
Characters: 8
Were the characters fully realized/developed? Did they experience any growth in the story? Etc.
Setting: 9
How was the world building? Was the setting well developed? Interesting? Etc.
Pacing:  5
How did the story flow? Was I bored to death? Did I experience whiplash at too-fast pacing? Etc.
Style: 3
Writing style. Was I baby fed the story? Did I bask in the beauty of the words? How did the writing fit the content? Etc.

(So, to reflect upon our early math classes, 50 + 10 + 8 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 85 – In other words Book A was equal to a 3.5 star book)

Grade: 85

So there you have it!
Now go read some reviews…

Again, publishers, if you have a book you would like to see reviewed on this site, please email me at

Disclosure: Payment is never accepted in exchange for a review or book mention on this blog. The receipt of ARCs or Free Review Copies in no way influences or has an impact on the opinions expressed in the book reviews posted.


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