About Us

The three of us who run this blog are really just a couple average girls (er, ladies, since we’re probably too old to be referred to as “girls”) who love books (especially YA books) more than the average Joe – in fact, we’re so super passionate about reading that the thought of being able to share our love with you makes us squeal like a bunch of school girls. If you feel the need to know more than that about us, read below!

Jenna DeTrapani
Blog Owner / Reviewer

I am proud to be a 29 year old momma to one very wacky little wanna-be princess, She is, as most moms would say about their children, “my magnum opus”. I am a wife, an artist, a writer and an avid reader of anything I can get my sticky fingers on. (Yes, they’re sticky, I do have a 4 year old, you know…) I am also a collector of all things odd. (Belly button lint teddy bears, anyone?) My “other” full-time job involves making things pretty for a non-profit association for the adaptive automotive mobility industry (aka. I’m a graphic artist).

Like most bloggers I opened this site to share my love of reading, to have some outlet to release all my pent-up excitement about books, and to be able to ramble on (as I often tend to do) to the wonderful people on the web instead of to the blank staring (trying-to-pretend-he-cares) face of my “non-reader” husband. Thank y’all for following Making the Grade and giving me this outlet!

 Holli Lyn Blanchard-Carrer

I am a 35 year old stay home Mom of five beautiful children, and a domesticated house wife to an amazing husband. In between school runs, doctor’s appointments, homework, laundry and playing chief, I specialize in floral design, head up a dance ministry within my local church and advocate for Battered Woman and Pregnant Teens.

On my downtime I like to unwind with a good book, or 2 or 3… I will admit, I am a bit of a hardcover snob, but also own a nook tablet and have a kindle application. Nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds! Although, having a book at the touch of a button may not be entirely a good thing. I didn’t get the nickname “Book Hoarder” for nothing! What can I say, I love my life!

 Jennifer (Jen Jenny “Bunny”) Herd

My name is Jennifer and I am a jack of many names. Those who know me professionally call me Jen, those who are the closest to me call me Jenny, and those who are members of my family call me “Bunny.”  I’m a 23 year old Associate Producer from Utah and my life is all about stories. Every day from 9-5 I discuss, plan and execute taking a story expressed in words and transitioning it into a story expressed through film.

In my free time I specialize in spending quality time with friends and family, snow skiing, designing, boating, Photoshop, laughing, sleeping, daydreaming, sarcasm and of course reading. I suffer from a severe condition of what I call OCRD – Obsessive Compulsive Reading Disorder. I flock to books like a fat boy flocks to chocolate cake. I am honored and appreciate the opportunity to share my love of literature with the rest of the world via this website.

I lived my life, not as a spectator, but as an active participant. I have no regrets.” – Donna Hatch. Author of “The Guise of a Gentleman.”

  1. Is that a Capri Sun your drinking, Jenny? Heeheehee, .. I LOVE IT!

  2. Hahaha! It better be Pacific Cooler or Orange!

    (And I just had a totally dorky thought about us being “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.)

  3. LOVE IT!!!! Do we get to pick which one we are??? 🙂 Capri Suns ROCK! Pacific Cooler is my favorite!

  4. I just found your site! I do reviews but really am not into YA books. However, I’m a grandmother of 9, four of whom are wonderful girls ages 3, 6, and 10 (cousins). The oldest three are readers and the two oldest are getting into paranormal. I picked up a copy of “My Enchanted Life” by Laura Eno and the eldest girl loved it. So now I’m looking for some books that are suitable for a precocious, non-romantic (or very, very little) 10-year old fifth grader. Any recommendations you have for me, especially for this summer while the girls are off, will be REALLY appreciated! Meanwhile, I’m subscribing and keeping up with your site, Hopefully I can pick up things for the kids from your reviews!

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