{I Met Lauren Oliver!} Signing Event Coverage + Giveaway

Rockin' our tattsYesterday, March 17 (St. Patty’s Day!) I headed on a road trip. While the rest of my family was attending a dog walk charity back home, I skipped out to meet one of my favorite authors, Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall, Delirium), over 2.5 hours away in Ft. Myers. This weekend she attended the Southwest Florida Reading Festival, along with various other authors, such as Debbie Viguie and Nancy Holder, Obert Skye, Erik Larson, Iris Johansen, Jane Green and more.

The giveaway (to win a SIGNED ARC of Pandemonium) is located at the end of this highly detailed (and totally fun to read) post, perhaps including a secret or two about her books…

On the Road to Ft. Myers & Lauren Oliver!

(It’s kinda like a 12-Step Program to being a fan girl…)

The obligatory car shotStep 1: This drive is going to be 2.5 hours each way. More air is needed in the tires. Fill them. Quickly. Then get a move on.

Step 2: Get cash. There’s books at this event. It will undoubtedly be needed.

Step 3: The obligatory car shot. (Oh, come on, who hasn’t taken such a photo?)

Sunshine Skyway BridgeStep 4: Cross over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Even with construction, the view is beautiful from this 191 ft high shot. Learn more about crossing the dazzling bridge here.

Step 5: Obtain $4 event parking. (I totally expected to pay more.)

Obert Skye and a fanStep 6: Watch kids “live the dream” onstage with their favorite authors! MG author, Obert Skye, was a joy to watch on stage as I waited for Lauren. He answered lots of questions from the many children in attendance.

Step 7: Stay under the author presentation tent and relax b/c it’s so dang hot outside!

Step 8: Meet the awesome local author of epic fantasy, Tracy A. Akers. Check her out!

Step 9: Lauren Oliver!  Talking books & writing at this point is a must:

Lauren's Flamingo Stance

Lauren says this is her favorite way to stand.

Tidbits learned from Lauren Oliver’s presentation: Lauren revealed that she was writing for 8 years, and had written two unsuccessful plotless books with her first agent before she learned to write a book with a plot and met her second (and still awesome!) agent, Stephen Barbara. Lauren is currently planning a single volume adult novel unlike any of her previous novels, yet with familiar fantastical elements. But not to worry, YA fans! She will also continue to write for YA and MG!

Want to know learn book-related secrets you may not have known? A chapter (or “day 4”) in Before I Fall was even darker than the final, revised version. Before I Fall was also written almost entirely on her Blackberry while on the road. In addition, (implied, non graphic) sex scenes have been cut from one of her books (the book in question is unknown).

Requiem news: The final book in the Delirium series, Requiem, is told from two points of view, which may or may not include Hana. Neither Hana nor Grace’s stories are not over. The book is going to be every intense. It is most definitely the final book in this series.

Wearing out the handsStep 10: Autographs! Standing in line 2x to have >3 books signed = Dedication. (The event had a 3 book maximum per each visit in line with each author. Lauren said she would let me get away with it (I had 6 books), but since we were being watched with super serious volunteer hawk eyes, we decided it was best to stick to the rules. So, yes, I got to meet Lauren twice.)

Me and Lauren OliverStep 11: The obligatory photo of me and Lauren. “Rockin’ our tatts!” as she said. And since I was pretty much the last person in line the 2nd time around, I got to hang out for a moment with Lauren. She is so insanely down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I still felt like an excited little fan girl, though. I kept myself in check and don’t think I said anything too silly.

Step 12 (Final Step): Drive the 2.5 hours home a happy fan girl! It was a fabulous day!

More photos from the event:

The HaulThe presentationWhat a view...Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie
Getting to her levelWhat a great presenter!Loving the shoes!Signing away...Obert Skye

A Video of Lauren Oliver Talking About Writing:

Meanwhile in Seattle…

While I was enjoying my experience here in Florida, my mom was in Seattle, WA meeting Marissa Meyer (CINDER) for the second time, as well as one of my other favorite authors, Lissa Price (STARTERS)Enter to win a copy of Starters here! (Ends March 30) Check out her photos below:

Lissa Price and a copy of the awesome StartersMy mom, Lissa and a bookMarissa Meyer is so fabulous!

Here is your chance to win a SIGNED ARC of Pandemonium!

To enter the giveaway, simply fill out THIS FORM.
Only one winner will be awarded.
ONE valid entry per person, or you will be disqualified.
Giveaway ends on Monday, March 26, 2012 at midnight.


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  1. You HAVE to do the obligatory car shot, as well as the pic of the Skyway Bridge. 🙂 Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome write-up! I still regret not taking the 3.5 trip to see LO a few weeks ago. But I got to live vicariously through you, so thanks!

  3. That is so cool you got to see her! Can’t wait to read Pandemonium! 😀

  4. Really liked the pictures.

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